Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scientifically Opposites Attract, Does This Work For USC Football?

We have been taught and some have witnesses that opposites attract, if this is true then the annual rivalry of South Carolina versus Clemson should prove to be a very attractive ticket.  Going into this weekend, the Cocks were the #21 team in the country, with the 3-4 Tennessee Volunteers hosting their visit to Knoxville, then disrupting the Gamecock visit with a 31-13 win and with the 4-4 Arkansas waiting on them next week after destroying Eastern Michigan 63-27 Saturday and the top ranked Florida Gators coming to Columbia in two weeks, the Cocks are not playing any team with an opportunity to carry an advantage.  While Clemson, following it's strong overtime victory over then # 10 Miami in south Florida, last week, now starts to close it's schedule as the favorite in each of it's contest against Sub-Division Coastal Carolina, which they trounced 49-3 without really playing their key skill players after the first half, with a meeting at home next week with struggling Florida State (4-4), at NC State (3-5) next and returning home to host Virginia (3-5). 

Clemson is poised and positioned to finish first in the Coastal Division of the ACC and play in the ACC championship game, where the Gamecocks just relinquished the SEC Eastern Division crown to Florida with it's loss to Tennessee Saturday.  South Carolina could possibly finish with 3 consecutive losses, while the Tigers could finish with 4 consecutive wins from NCAA week 8  up to week 13 when the two in-state institutions meet in the hostile and festive rivalry.

The tale of two programs, the tale of two halves of a season, the tale of two seasons will be on observation right up to the the Thanksgiving week.  But for now, each program is as opposite of the other as teams can be after this weekend.  Don't expect any sympathy for either program by the supporting faithful, but this season could find formerly 21st ranked South Carolina in an unranked status, struggling for Bowl respectability, playing against a once criticized Clemson Tiger team, now sporting a division title and ranked coming to Columbia on November 28th.  Both seasons taking opposite directions in the same year.  Not to include the young inexperienced first year Coach Dabo Swinney, plotting against the Ole Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, once acclaimed as an offensive genius for his history in developing offensive schemes that resurrected programs and won conference (7) and national titles (1), at Duke and Florida.  We always say through out the records when this game comes around, and it will be no different this year as the records will not truly tell the story of the challenges for both programs during the season and the effort that should be placed on the field for this annual Bragging Rights event in South Carolina.

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