Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Ole Ball Coach Gets Some Execution In Win

Yeah, Yeah....I know it wasn't pretty to you as the Gamecocks did not cover the spread, they were home against 2-5 0-4 Vandy and the Gamecocks are ranked 23rd in the country.  On paper the Cocks have more superior athletes and a stronger depth chart.  While the Commodores record is not pretty, many of their player were not highly touted nationally (never really are) and the game was in William Brice Stadium.  I also know the Gamecocks did not cover the spread.  However, let me explain what I have been trying to say often, college sports and football no exception is a very competitive and more evenly matched competitive arena than many either notice or want to admit. 

The Gamecocks pulled off a very solid win that watched a defense hold the struggling Vandy offense to just 3 points the entire game.  Special Teams for the Gamecocks slipped and offered a gift of the only touchdown for the Bobby Johnson coached Commodores.  Understanding that Vanderbilt came into the game with the 3rd best pass defense in the nation, the strength of the Gamecocks, and a top 25 defense overall.  The result for the Cocks, a 14-10 victory, with Stephen Garcia throwing for 312 yds on 22-33 passing, Alshon Jeffery caught 7 balls for 161 yds and Kenny Miles covered 102 yds on the ground on 18 tries to reveal complete weapons available for the Gamecocks that have struggled at times on offense this year. 

With its defense holding ground the Ole Ball Coach called time out in the 4th quarter on third and long and called a pass play that was just added to the play book rotation this week.  The play appeared to have been called earlier in the game but the timing was a little off and the pass was dropped, this time the Ball Coach, that's right, Steve Spurrier, called timeout, began his discussion with the receivers first and intensely, then a short conversation with Garcia.  The end result was a 43 yard touchdown pass completion to Jeffrey capping the end of a 99 yard drive, the lead and with the finishing defensive stand, a solid win over a very well coached Vanderbilt football team that may just be the best 2-6 team in the country.  I know you may not want to do it but lets give the Ole Ball Coach credit, this Gamecock squad is something to be very proud of, with several true freshman playing significant roles for this competitive team, now 6-2, 3-2 that just reeled off 431 total yards on offense, while allowing only 273.  I believe the last time three players had the performance of Garcia, Jeffery and Miles, was 1996 when the three former NFL stars Anthony Wright, Duce Staley and Marcus Robinson did the same in a 14-10 loss to Mississippi State.  You can thank team execution and a good game plan for this Saturday's victory.  Well coached freshman who are not making many mistakes makes the future of this team extremely bright.  And if you don't believe me look at the scores around the top 25 this weekend and then try to complain.

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